Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital

Alor Setar : 2007

Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital
Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital
Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital
Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital

HEALTHY INTERVENTION. This new public hospital in the state of Kedah was designed to accommodate 660 beds with a final capacity of 800 beds, providing secondary and selected tertiary care on a referral basis. The 70-acre site is located 7km from the existing hospital in Alor Setar and about 3km from the town of Langgar.

The development also includes ancillary buildings such as a Nurses Training College with full-boarding facilities for 600 trainees, staff hostel accommodation for 100 nurses, 218 apartment units, and outdoor sports facilities and a nursery.

Envisaged to be a model hospital for Malaysia in the 21st Century, care was taken in its design as an efficient, modern healthcare facility equipped with high-tech equipment within an I.T driven environment. The various zones and hospital departments have been grouped to form 3 major components - a 3-storey Diagnostic and Treatment Block, another 3-storey Hospital Support Block and a centrally-located 7-storey Nursing Block housing the various wards. The architectural treatment of the roofs with their generous overhangs feature prominently in the Hospital complex. The concrete fins and the aluminium sunshading screens (which double up as security screens), aside from preventing direct sun and rain intrusion, also serve the purpose of facade modulation and articulation.

  • 70 Acres
  • Main Hospital Ward Block (7 Storeys - 660 Beds)
  • Nurses Training College (5 Storeys)
  • Government Quaters (7-10 Storeys)
  • 158, 990 m
  • 18 Wards
  • 6 First Class & VIP Wards
  • Cardio Thoracic
  • Neurology + Neurosurgery