Gravit8 Mitraland


2016 – Klang, Selangor
Sales Gallery

The new sales gallery located in Klang for the Gravit8 mix development project holds a geometry that us triangulated in form. As you approach the site, the overall building bears the industrial-look upon its facade, creating a sense of curiosity due to the use of steel cladding as a wrapping envelope around it, and the structure for its roofing system. The rawness can also be seen from its black color, creating boldness to the whole sales gallery identity as Mitraland’s newest venture.

How can we build an inviting exhibition space? The play of a huge canopy outside the gallery seems to provide a space that can be defined clearly as users experience it. The building spaces consist of a show gallery, a sales gallery that exhibit models, and a sales area and office. Even before reaching the threshold, the visitor is standing simultaneously outside and in, they will be greeted in a drop off zone with a garden that sits in between. The open air space is anchored with a green, reflective pool. This water feature gives a soothing feeling to the whole gallery with a large triangulated steel roof canopy covered with frosted polycarbonate, lifting the floor ceiling height up high. It also act as a transitional space between the show gallery and sales area, thus providing a cross ventilation to the building as well as natural sunlight that penetrates in through the skylight. The surrounding landscape creates a fusion of triangulated manmade mounts and some natural elements of green.