Kok Bungalow


2006 – Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Private Residence

This house resides in the gated community of Damansara Indah. It is located on a piece of land overlooking a golf course and fringed by a secondary forest. The simplicity of the two blocks that form the house belies the wealth of architectural depth invested in its details. The design adopts the use of material and details aimed at evoking the spatial experience of living in the tropics. From the use of old clay tiles to the bare finish of cement render, the composition of materials varying in age and texture is a treat for the senses and demonstrates an alternative perception of luxury. Indeed, the tropical living experience is enhanced by design that accentuates the positives rather than dwells on the shortcomings.

Spaces are seen as having an organic nature and are ‘planted’ such that they are allowed to grow and expand to eventually become at one with the garden. This house is simply about the crafting of space, a ‘quiet’ architecture suggesting a slowing down of pace creating time for contemplation, reflection and relaxation.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Mr. Kok Chi Kong
Mrs. Chen Li Yang

1433 sq. m.

Gross Floor Area
531 sq. m.

Completed 2006

  • OKC Consult

  • Y.K. Consult

PAM Awards 2006

Single Residential Building


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