Merdeka Mosque



Jalan Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Project Type:
Religious Building

3000 pax

In designing this mosque, the undertaking is to reassess how a 21st-century mosque in Malaysia should be represented. The 3000 pax Merdeka Mosque wants to embody the essence of patriotism by reinterpreting Malaysian identity and Modern Islamic Architecture.

The triangle-shaped site established an intriguing circumstance that essentially gave its form. The language of the triangulation is carried through in the facade and roof treatment but has kept it’s simplicity of its form with minimal ornamentation to place focus onto the honesty of the form.

The clean form seeks to strengthen the connection between the person in prayer to the omnipresent. This urban mosque, considers the importance of allowing porosity and accessibility to and fro from Merdeka 118’s Linear Park. The program for the mosque is envisioned to be used not just as a congregational prayer hall but to extend the mosque to other communal events such as Islamic conferences, usrah and others.