P14 2021


Site Area:
0.5 acres

Precinct 14, Putrajaya

Completed (2018)

Project Type:
Educational Building

The P14 nursery is situated in the heart of Putrajaya’s suburban residential neighbourhood. The P14 Nursery sits on the periphery of Presint 14’s housing community. In the P14 nursery, a similar circular concept is employed in a cluster of round building blocks that encapsulate a central inner courtyard and play area. Due to this layout, children are free to move across and between blocks while remaining safely ensconced in the area. Large windows in the blocks are close to ground level, offering a child’s-eye view of the surroundings.

These unconventional nursery spaces use a harmonious blend of interior and exterior building features while accommodating educational and play areas, to cultivate a holistic learning experience for children. This results in a playful piece of architecture that piques the child’s interest on a cognitive, physical, and social level.