At GDP, we take the approach that a practice, which addresses context, creates its own culture and environment. Our works are not confined to a singular architectural style, but are expressions of the diverse minds within the office. We are committed to creating innovative, workable solutions to respond to the unique characteristic of each project. Our approach to design is thus a collective effort, which guides design decisions and the individual thinking processes.

Active collaboration with clients, consultants and specialists enables us to achieve design excellence. Experience with international partners and projects, has provided our firm with invaluable cross-cultural and technical expertise. Our portfolio includes a variety of building types such as residential buildings, educational buildings, hospitals, universities, commercial developments, hotels and hospitality related projects, transportation buildings, government office buildings, corporate offices and mixed-use developments.

We have also been involved in refurbishment and renovation projects. Our work can be found across Malaysia and internationally. Aside from comprehensive, professional architectural services, we also provide consultancy services in the following areas:

• Master Planning
• Interior Design
• Feasibility Studies
• Project Management
• Visual Communication