R12 + R13 Precinct 18 Apartments

R12 & R13 IN PRECINCT 18

2008 – Putrajaya
Affordable House

Parcel R12 and Parcel R13, are located next to each other on the Core Island of Putrajaya. They are medium-cost apartment developments for government staff of Class G grade. A linear ‘green’ park and a main residential street link the two developments. Together, the developments consist of 1372 units at a density of 70 units per acre.

Due to the high density required, the units are located above a ‘podium’ of one and one-half levels of semi-basement car parking; open areas of the ‘podium’ are landscaped. The units are arranged in low-rise and tower building blocks organised around partially enclosed ‘pockets’ of landscaped gardens and courtyards. The towers are set back from the roads and located at the back higher end of the site. The towers are also arranged in pairs to address axes established in the overall urban plan of Precinct 18.

Effort was made to move away from the ‘barrack’ look that seems to characterise most previous government apartments. Each Parcel and block is provided with a different architectural identity by the use of distinct façade fenestration and colour.

Putrajaya Homes Sdn Bhd
Perunding Aziz, Azali & Tee Sdn Bhd
Jurutera CMP Sdn Bhd
B&C Jurukur Bahan Berkanun Sdn Bhd
Aroma Tropics Sdn Bhd
KW Associate Planner Sdn Bhd

Site Area:
Parcel R12 – 11.544 acres
Parcel R13 – 7.851 acres


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