Residensi Aman Jalil


2021 – Kuala Lumpur
Affordable House

Aman Jalil Residensi is designed with the notion to reimagine affordable housing by rethinking “home as family dwelling” to “home as community living”. The idea stems from the growing daily reliance of people to connect with each other either physically or through social networks, and participate in activities together.

Starting from the layout of the unit, the yard is located next to the corridor with permeable ventblocks. This allows individuals that spent most of their day times at the yard and kitchen (such as housewives) to easily interact with neighbours. To serve the apartment units, the efficient but claustrophobic double-loaded corridor with air wells is avoided.In its stead is the single-loaded corridor with wide breezy and well lit atrium spaces that allows the interaction amongst residents to continue, not only on the same floor, but across multiple floors. This of course provide a wider sense of security whereby more residents are aware of activities along the corridors and entrances into the units thereby enhancing the neighbourhood spirit of watching over each other.

Bukit Jalil

Gaya Kuasa Sdn Bhd

Site Size:
5.625 acres

Built Up Area:
1,541,110 sqft

Development Components:
2 Apartment Towers and 1 Car Parking Block

No. of Units:

No. of Car Parks:
1,260 tenants
126 visitors (inclusive of 2 OKU)


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