Sheraton Hotel Hanoi


1998 – Hanoi, Vietnam

Sheraton Hanoi is a 300 room 5-star accommodation located at K5, Nghi Tham Village in Hanoi, Vietnam. The hotel is located along eastern edge of a lake within the Flower & Rice Village which itself extends into the lake. The village is a collection of old and new buildings from one to five storeys high and in styles borrowed from traditional temples and colonial french & art deco architecture to the vernacular tradition of walled courtyards filled with potted plants and lily ponds. The concept for the hotel embraces the eclectic blend of styles as its way of accessing the unique architecture and vernacular tradition of Hanoi: the rural courtyard is the centre around which the hotel facilities are arranged and the hotel tower block is finished with art deco elements for texture and architectural punctuation while temple roofs are employed on the smaller buildings; a whimsical journey through Hanoi’s rich and elegant history.

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