Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka


Phase 1 (2008) – Melaka
Educational Building

The layout plan has a strong circular arrangement that connects the two main entry points into the university. The inner layer, which forms the central focus, is a lake garden located in a valley. Beyond the garden and on higher ground, the university buildings line up to compliment the circular datum. Breaking up at regular intervals, they create visual and physical connections to the lake garden from roads and spaces that form the outer layer of the masterplan.

Buildings that are located along the fringes of the garden are mainly ‘signature buildings’ such as the administration building, library, mosque, HEP and cafeteria. Standing alone on the opposite side of the lake, in all its grandeur is the ‘Great Hall’. The main building complex is linked by the campus boulevard, which runs parallel to the vehicular spine road. This boulevard is recognized as the main student street, and is lined with shady trees to give protection from the elements. Envisaged as a busy pedestrian street, it will be adorned by signages, notices, flags and banners, street furniture, seating benches and so forth to make an event out of the movement of students from one building to the next. The main spine road brings the public into the campus is designed to be pedestrian-friendly and to allow easy access to the facilities.

Phase 1 :
NorHazin Azman Arkitek
Jurutera Perunding Zaaba Sdn Bhd
Perunding Hashim & Neh Sdn Bhd
MF Associates Sdn Bhd
Landscape ABD
Kasugi Prima Sdn Bhd

Phase 2 :
Malek Consult
ARH Jurukur Bahan Sdn Bhd
Perunding Hashim & Neh Sdn Bhd


Ativo Suites

  • 2021·
  • Current·
  • Residential Tower·

Permata Sapura

  • 2020·
  • Current·
  • Mixed Development·

Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC)

  • 2020·
  • Current·
  • Masterplan·
  • Mixed Development·