Our experience encompass a myriad of residential properties, from small personal homes to ambitious high-rise residences.


We create smart, sustainable, and functional office developments that adheres with the most current standards.

Commercial & Retail

Our designs for retail centers act as vibrant social hubs, connecting people, experiences and breathing new life to cities.

Mixed Use

We construct locations that are dynamic with a variety of activities that generate an engaging atmosphere.

Cities & Urban Design

Our urban designers and strategists are guided by the belief that sensitive planning can simultaneously serve people and spur growth.


Our hospitality design team brings global perspective and unprecedented design expertise in planning, architecture, interior design, and branding to projects across every scale.


As education designers and strategists, we partner with schools, colleges, and universities to create engaging, flexible, and resilient learning environments.


Healthcare's future is about change, engagement and innovation. We create healthy experiences through informed and purposeful user-centered design.

Culture & Leisure

We strive to create a harmonious balance between architecture, urban planning and culture, fostering an environment for public engagement.


Our mission is to strengthen the city and its communities by creating multi-faceted transportation solutions for people.