Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers

Kuala Lumpur

The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers(AICB) building in Kuala Lumpur is a training centre of excellence for the banking industry. Completed in 2020, the 520,000 sq ft building comprises a 13-storey north-end office tower, a seven-storey podium for training and library functions, and a 240-pax auditorium component. The building’s multi-layered design challenges conformity in institutional architecture, enticing and exciting within a controlled visual framework.

Situated on a narrow 3.16-acre site, the building’s design cascades rhythmically from the tower to the auditorium, with a stone podium and high columns classically ordered at the podium’s street-facing colonnade. The facade of the tower features a songket-inspired bas-relief screen of bronze louvres beneath which hangs the entrance. The internal spaces are dynamic with a sweeping curved atrium that separates the centre into east and west wings enlivened by bridges, stairs, angled niches, and cantilevered glass discussion boxes.

STF Resources
Site Area
3.16 acres
Completion Year
PAM Awards 2021
Building of the Year and
Public and Institutional (Gold)