Dr Ridzwan House

Kuala Lumpur

This house is located at a quiet residential hillside area in Bangsar. Situated on a slope with spectacular views of the city, it was conceptualised to maximise the impact of that view framing and cropping the city skyline with the walls of the house. The main block lines the west boundary with a double story glass cube on its east flank and a pool perched between the cube and the view.

The cube encloses the living room, a frame for the dramatic view and when lit, it becomes a ‘lantern’ from the street. The private and services areas of the house reside in the west block, a more solid structure of privacy with punctures for daylight and ventilation where required. The roof was designed as a light planar element with generous overhangs and deep sunshades suited for a tropical environment.

Dr Ridzwan
Site Area
9,149 sq. ft.
Completion Year
PAM Awards 2006
Single Residential Building (Honorary Mention)