Kamil House


The site was like a slice of pie; a wedge with its long curved side flanked by a dense residential enclave. Its land area of 5,000 square feet gently sloping down to the street with views only of its 2-storey neighbours. The intention was to create gracious spaces, light spaces, a terrace to sip tea while the sun set; a tropical shell of organised informality – a place one could call home.

The design rationale was a result of consequence. Owing to the 20-foot building setback across the long curving front edge, much had to be made of what precious little was left.From its screened shower garden in front to the sunken drying courtyard at the back, from the broad curved overhang on the street edge to the muted daylight of the wardrobe areas, this house makes an attempt to weave new relationships between practicality, climatic context, functionality and aesthetics of a tropical Asian home.

Kamil Merican
Completion Year