Mixed Use

KL Eco City

Kuala Lumpur

In response to the global “green” movement, the name KL Eco City was adopted for this development of a sustainable urban environment located in Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum. The site is by the Klang River, with a shopping hub on one side and a key railway and road corridor that links the Klang Valley on the other. Centralised within the Klang Valley, the development acts as a transport hub with pedestrian links to Jalan Bangsar, the Abdullah Hukum LRT Station and the KTM train route. The hub is further intensified by the creation of new pedestrian links between the LRT station, the KTM train line and other key sites within the development and the existing urban fabric.

Due to its central location, the masterplan creates an opportunity for both social synergy and integration, coupled with the convenience and efficiency of shared transportation and amenities. It is a mixed-use development of residences, retail and office blocks and cultural and recreational facilities. The development combines diversity of uses with leading sustainable design principles to create a lively, complex and rich city district that is an easily accessible unique urban destination. The development optimises views and open spaces overlooking the Klang River and the Gardens-Mid Valley shopping mall.

SP Setia
Site Area
24.38 acres
Completion Year