Kok Bungalow

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

This house in the gated community of Damansara Indah is rested on a land overlooking a green lung of golf course and fringed by forest trees at far end of boundary.Despite of high land value, a right amount of trust was given by client to conceive the house as a single storey dwelling. Simple in a form of two blocks, belying its richness in senses. The house is a revisit of material and senses in design of space for living in tropical. From use of old clay tiles to the bare finish of cement rendering, it’s composed of materials in different age and texture, evokes the richness of senses, demonstrating another perception of luxurious.

While a careful examination into the profiles of the roof tiles and methods of cement rendering, one would discover another layer of meaning of the materials: a way of respond to the local climate. Together with sprawling out of the garden, the rooms of living are planted on the land to ‘grow’ through time, where boundary of indoor and outdoor is diminishing. This house is simply about crafting of space, a ‘quiet’ architecture suggesting a slow down of pace to relax and rethink.

Kok Bungalow
Site Area
1,433 sq. m.
Completion Year
PAM Awards 2006
Single Residential Building (Winner)