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Measat & Teleport Broadcast Centre


This new set-up for Measat was envisaged and designed as a modest but contemporary complex on a triangular sloping site. The design was tailored to meet the extremely tight programme and budget.There are 3 basic areas of programme, namely the main building, the ‘uplink’ building and the ‘antennae farm’. Apart from serving as a backup for Astro’s primary facilities at Bukit Jalil, the facilities also provide tracking, telemetry and control for the three Measat satellites.

The main building is defined by a striking combination of angular, sloping and cantilevered walls. These are symbolic of the dynamic nature of the set-up. Externally, the buildings are finished in plater and paint and complemented by aluminium sun-shading devices. The glazed entrance canopies and roof eaves are clad in aluminium composite panel and add the finishing touch to the exterior of this building.

Measat Malaysia
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