One Menerung

Kuala Lumpur

This residential development is located in prime Bangsar heartland. It consists of 2 towers and 3 low-rise apartment blocks. The two towers are located apart, but are tied visually by the low-rise apartments to form a coherent whole. Secondary forests surround the buildings and most of the units are orientated to face the green.The approach to the site is marked by one of the towers, placed at the end of the axis of the access road. This tower acts as a landmark gateway to the site.

The garden pavilion guardhouse opens up into the enclosed plaza. Here, a diagonal view leads to the stepped garden culminating in the clubhouse pavilion and a swimming pool.Activities are centred on the middle section of the development where a tree-lined promenade links the blocks together. Common facilities are located off this promenade and tucked away underneath the buildings.

Site Area
9,024 acres
Completion Year
PAM Award 2010
Multiple Residential High Rise (Honorary Mention)