Seri Pilmoor

Kuala Lumpur

The key concept for this development is to romanticize a Kampung Life, reminiscing the free spirit and innocence of a time passed. The whole scheme is based on a clean simple form, uncluttered and unpretentious detailing. Of the total 28.5-acre site, only 54% is sellable area, the balance is allocated for lush landscaping. Trees are planted in clusters or groves to emulate natural forest rather than urban streetscapes. As one reaches the development entrance, one is greeted by the statement conservatories with its creeping vertical greenery.

In addition, there are no side footpaths as pedestrians share roads with vehicles, reducing amount of hard pavement. A varied paving material is used to make the streets more pedestrian friendly and visually appealing. Feature walls and hedge planting are used to create courtyards at key junctions and cul-de-sacs, breaking down impact of streets, creating variety to the community gardens, and acting as a neutral backdrop and foreground for individual gardens.

The transverse building layout allows a larger surface area for window openings, enabling more desired daylight to pierce into the house. This unconventional layout also increases the area of private garden and family backyard. The roof top pavilion allows the resident to enjoy an outdoor garden with a swimming pool option in complete privacy and serenity. Sustainability is considered, in building material use, from the use of raw off-form reinforced concrete wall, common clay brick privacy wall to eco friendly paint. Reaching further, rainwater is collected from the roof gutter, into holding tanks, for landscape irrigation and general compound washing.

Sime Darby Property
Site Area
28.5 acres
Completion Year
PAM Awards 2013
Multiple Residential Low Rise (Gold)