Surian Condominium

Kuala Lumpur

Located in one of the most sought after locations in the Klang Valley, this low-density residential development comprises five blocks accommodating a total of 376 units of medium cost apartments.A strong geometrical clarity defines the composition. Four low-rise blocks have their longitudinal axes sharing a single reference point near the fifth tower block. The intention of placing the four finger-like, low-rise blocks towards the periphery of the site was to minimize the impact on the surrounding two-storey terrace houses. The gradual progression of these low-rise blocks towards the tower block help to soften its presence. The facade treatment incorporates generous horizontal overhangs and revolves around the modern tropical theme. Lush gardens are introduced in between the blocks in an attempt to fuse the buildings with the landscape.

Bousted Holdings
Site Area
4.198 acres
Completion Year