78 LAD

Kuala Lumpur

The inception of this project was inspired by the desire to evaluate the nature of contemporary city living in a country once ruled by ancient forests. The design had to be driven by a Malaysian sensibility, something that fit within the context of a spontaneous urbanity without losing the natural core of things Malaysian.This project concerns the dwelling as it relates to the context of urban Malaysia. An urban Malaysia as it moves away from an agricultural base.

The concept is rooted, dialectically, in the typology of a rainforest. The radical typology of a rainforest was chosen as the guiding concept because it was felt that no building typology related to nor was nurtured in the tropical monsoon climate the way a rainforest is. It was important that this building was derived firstly from its natural climate. As such, ideas distilled from the rainforest typology could only be experiential in nature, not literal.

78 LAD
Completion Year