Amarylis Tamansari


This is a development built on undulating terrain, surrounded by lush greenery and immaculately-designed landscape with contemporary amenities.The housing modules are sensitively adapted and designed to merge with the lay of the land. Green oasis is scattered around the meandering streets to create a welcoming experience of driving home. Unlike narrow back-lanes in the traditional urban fabric, the 10m-wide back lanes were carefully constructed to create weaving greenery which complements circulation paths and creates a car-free zone with houses set apart for utmost privacy.

Each house is designed with a linear flow in mind. The units are designed with a 24’, 26’ or 30’ width and length of 65’ or 70’ to reduce slope cutting.For all of the units, the dining and living areas are linked to form a spacious internal space with wide openings allowing uninterrupted views of the scenery outside. Amaryllis is the epitome of modern living thanks to its open kitchen layout and bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Site Area
11.71 acres
Completion Year