Help University Phase1


Situated under a commercial transformation in Subang Bestari, the site houses the new HELP University that will accommodate current and new intake students. The development consists of three faculties, the administration block, library, a 200 pax lecture hall, a 500 pax lecture theatre, and a services block. This development carves out 4.6 acres of the overall site area.

The idea is to have a climate-friendly university with the concept of a tropical garden campus. The campus site is surrounded with wild species of flora overlapping and layered within the campus blocks. The campus is a built expression of the concept of “celebrating the student’s journey” that happens at every place of meeting.The university’s corporate logo has been incorporated into the design and is one of the main features for the development. The motto of the school, University of Achievers sparked the idea of a pixellated light-capturing-box. This triggers a sense of belonging for the users, and also functions architecturally as small windows and lighting elements while exploring the fundamental elements of natural light.

Constructed using concrete blocks with interlocking metal-framed glass boxes, the source of light passes through into the space inside and this is what makes the small opening efficient. This also serves to provide natural light into the library behind the facade, creating a conducive study environment. The overall design of the building is minimal as it stands as a sustainable and functional academic structure within an urban setting.

Help University
Completion Year
PAM Awards 2017
Education (Commendation)