Multimedia University Melaka


The Multimedia University in Melaka is an expansion of the former Telekom Institute of Technology. As part of the campus expansion master plan, eight new blocks were added, with upgrades made to the existing buildings. In addition, the entire campus was redefined with the introduction of urban landscaping and outdoor rooms. The new academic zone consists of 40,000 square metres. The planning strategy was to connect this vast area using a network of internal and external corridors, bridges, ramps and footpaths.

Entry into the campus is celebrated by the formality of the University Square, flanked by an information centre with a large roof overhang and the administration block with its aluminium-louvred facade. The crescent-shaped block of the library, the central lecturer complex and part of Faculty of Information Technology form the heart of the scheme with cantilevered steel overhangs and regimented off-form concrete columns.

Multimedia University
Site Area
50 acres
Completion Year