KL City Hall Training Institute

Kuala Lumpur

Set on a plot of 3 acres, this institute encompasses Phase 1 of the planned development. This phase comprises three main components, namely one double-volume function hall, one 7-storey academic tower and a 95-metre long ‘walkway’, which connects the two blocks. Enclosed parking is provided in a single-storey sub-basement floor. The assembly of these components results in an asymmetrical composition.

A grand staircase is carefully positioned within the main entrance lobby – this staircase acts as both a welcoming gesture and means of connecting up to the function hall and walkway leading to the academic tower. From this walkway, the strong lines of the canopy and the slenderness of the single row of 8-metre tall columns can be appreciated, making it a distinct and memorable space.Fortuitously, this vista includes sweeping views of the Taman Permaisuri virgin forest on the south, as well as views of the city to the north.

Site Area
3.3 acres
Completion Year