Multimedia University Cyberjaya


The Multimedia University was designed from the outside in. It was a priority from the outset that the external ‘rooms’ served to accommodate both activities and repose. The campus blocks were thus arranged to reflect the ‘flow’ of movement. As a result, the project saw an industrial expression of an organic plan.The language of the building expresses an industrial approach to details and steel framing – raw materials for a fresh technological order.

The development of the 2nd Phase continued the expansion of the first phase of the campus environment. Within this phase, two faculty blocks were added – the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Management. Other blocks included the sports facilities such as the indoor sports centre, an Olympic-sized swimming pool complex and a stadium, a track & field complex, a multi use main hall, a building for the facilities management department, a central food court and the signature administration centre.

Multimedia University
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