Windows on the Park

Kuala Lumpur

Set amidst the remaining lush greens of Cheras, ‘Windows on the Park’ is a residential development consisting of 3 residential towers; 15, 17 and 33 storeys respectively. The name of the development originated from the design of the towers, each with a carved-out ‘window’; multi-storey high portals through which landscape flows continuously, weaving architecture, art and nature together. The three portals form a visual axis which connects and frames each of the three parks; the clubhouse park, the quiet park and the active park, thereby creating a larger scale park environment.

The visual axis also guide movement through the park, marked with art sculptures which function as distance indicators, rest stops and points of conversation.The towers, set within a green enclave, are anchored by a landscaped podium. The podium houses common facilities and is covered in lush landscaping, which is contoured to flow seamless to the arrival floor below. Two of the towers consist of linear wings connected with a central core, forming a V which cradles the towers’ drop-off lobbies.

SDB Properties
Site Area
8.9 acres
Completion Year