Commercial & Retail

One Menerung & BRDB Sales Gallery

Kuala Lumpur

Situated at a prime corner of Jalan Penaga and Jalan Maarof, near Bangsar Shopping Centre, One Menerung showroom and sales gallery was conceptualized as a simple dynamic box to house a sales gallery on the ground floor, a show apartment unit on the first floor and a multipurpose open space on the second floor. The dynamism is achieved by the use of a glass diaphragm, blurring the box and creating an animated façade responding to various ‘moods’ of the day. Visitors are welcomed with a tranquil, imprinted concrete pathway leading into the main entrance to the sales gallery.A ‘show house’ conceptually conceived to display programs within, through the viewing glazed wall, which becomes the architectural expression for the main façade of the building. The glass insertion slices the ground and creates an optical illusion, which evokes a sense of openness and weightlessness. The big box becomes blurred and appears dissolved into the landscape.

Completion Year
PAM Awards 2007
Showroom Building (Mention)